Little Foodie Set (Little Hipster)


Introducing little foodie, the perfect all-in-one gift and starter set.

This complete Miniware combo set provides the perfect start for minis new to self-feeding. Made from durable materials, with detachable suction-foot, silicone accessories and unique “easy-scoop” angles, Little Foodie is created to help kids learn essential skills while reducing accidents and spills. The waterproof lid seals securely to our cereal bowl, making it ideal for transporting messy foods or storing leftovers. Perfect both as a gift or for your own messy minis!


This set includes:

  • 1x cereal bowl
  • 1x silicone lid
  • 1x sandwich plate
  • 1x my first cutlery set
  • 1x 1-2-3 sip cup with silicone straw
  • 1x detachable suction foot

Reasons we love it:

  • Detachable suction foot connects to bowl and plate
  • Builds feeding skills and transitions as Minis grow
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Silicone lid ensures less mess and easy storage
  • Earth and family safe materials, biodegradable and food grade
  • Easy to stack and store
  • The perfect all-in-one gift set


  • Bowl, plate, cutlery, cup+lid: plant based biodegradable and petroleum free PLA
  • Suction foot, bowl lid, teething spoon, straw: 100% food grade silicone

Product Dimension (cm) / Weight / Volume

  • Cereal Bowl -12.7x 12.7x 5.7 / 125(g) / 350(ml)
  • Sandwich Plate – 21.1x 21.1x 3.7 / 224(g) /600(ml)
  • Sippy Cup – 7.75x 8.25x 13.3 / 130(g) / 190(ml)
  • My First Cutlery – Fork 13x 13 / 23(g) Spoon 13.4x 3.2/ 21(g)
  • Cereal Bowl Lid – 13x 13 x1.65 / 32(g)
  • Suction Foot – 14.4x 13 x1.7 / 26(g)

Additional information

Weight 0.580 kg
Dimensions 33.5 × 8.3 × 24.2 cm


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