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6 Reasons You (and Your Mini) Will Love Our GrowBento

GrowBento is a mix-and-match food container system that makes eating fun for kids and meal prep easy for parents. It’s durable, flexible nature makes it perfect for kids of all ages, from babies just starting pureed food to school-age children who need a versatile lunch box. Parents may want to borrow GrowBento too. Its modern design and smart size are perfect for workplace lunches!

GrowBento features an easy-open stainless steel lunch box and four food-grade silicone containers called “silipods.” Silipods are removable, leak-proof silicone storage compartments designed to perfectly fit within the GrowBento shell. 

Why is GrowBento the best portable food storage system on the market? 

1. GrowBento and the included silipods are durable and can replace many disposable or short-lifecycle plastic products. 

2. GrowBento is a versatile and long-lasting system that works for kids through many development periods, from learning self-feeding to learning to pack their own lunches. 

3. The simple, modern design was created with kids in mind, easy to grasp and open.

4. Silipods make GrowBento a flexible system. Configure GrowBento uniquely for each  meal. 

5. Food-safe, durable, eco-friendly materials fit into today’s healthy, environmentally-conscious parenting lifestyle.

6. GrowBento’s clean, modern design appeals to both kids and parents. 

One System from Infant to School-Age

Instead of countless short-life small-portioned baby food products, silipods are perfectly sized for pureed food and snacks. Water-tight silipods are safe to use directly from the freezer to the microwave or oven and perfect for adding soups, sauces and other fluid foods to a meal. Silipods keep foods secure and separate.

For school-age kids who need a lunchbox, the steel GrowBento box is large enough to contain a complete meal. 

A Versatile Layout Creates a True Dining Experience in a Box

GrowBento allows parents to tailor the configuration of Silipods to best suit the meal they are preparing. Portable, leak-proof silipods can be used as insulated compartments or as extra lunch containers. Pack GrowBento’s stainless steel body with ice- or heat-packs to enhance food anywhere.

Specific Design Features for Kids

GrowBento is designed with kids in mind. The rounded edges and large grab corners for easy open/close are safe and simple for kids to use. 

Non-Toxic and Highly Durable Materials 

Stainless steel and food grade silicone both are non-toxic and high in durability. 

The GrowBento system is made with healthy, low-impact, eco-friendly materials that are good both for children and the earth.

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